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Join the Movement to Phase Out Internet Explorer 6. Forever.

You know that neighbour down the street that drives an old beat up truck that spews black soot and wakes up the entire neighbourhood on Saturday mornings because his exhaust is broken? Well, if you’re still using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) as your browser, you are that guy. But fret not my friend, unlike your annoying neighbour you can get a free upgrade right now, straight from the source, and stop living in the past.

This site is a contribution to the large and growing movement started by a conglomerate of Norwegian newspapers to finally phase out Microsoft’s ancient (in internet terms anyway) Internet Explorer 6 browser. If you find yourself reading this chances are you got here because a site you visited warned you that your browser is out of date. And if you are in fact using Internet Explorer 6, you really are living in the dark ages where web browsing is concerned.

The time has come to phase out this dinosaur of a browser. Permanently. Microsoft is about to roll out IE8 which makes Internet Explorer 6 a full two generations behind the times.

Follow the links below to upgrade Internet Explorer to the current version, read about why upgrading is so important and join the movement to phase out Internet Explorer 6 forever.

Click the image above to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer with a free download directly from Microsoft.

Click the image above to learn why you should upgrade to the current version of Internet Explorer.

Click the image above to get the code and tell the visitors to your site who are still stuck in the past to upgrade their browser.

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